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Automated Electrified Monorail System (AEMS)

Automated Electrified Monorail (AEM) technology is one step more sophisticated than P&F. AEM is similar to P&F since both technologies include carriers that can travel along a mechanical path and that can stop independently. AEM carriers are self propelled each vehicle with its own individual drive mechanism. These drive mechanisms draw their power and control signals from conductors that are mounted to the AEM track. What AEM gives up is the durability in harsh environment that P&F provides. But, because AEM carriers are independently driven with electrical power transmitted to individual carriers, additional flexibility is possible.


Motorised OH conveyor with 180/ 240 mm Extruded aluminium track with or without hoist Individual carriers can move automatically in reverse.

The electrical power to each carrier makes electrical equipment on board each carrier possible (such as hoists, sensors and signaling devices).

In addition, because it is possible to control the acceleration and deceleration of each individual carrier, higher carrier speeds are typically possible with AEM.

Zoned speed control allows carrier speeds to range from 20 fpm (6.1 m/min) or less in production areas and up to 300 fpm (100 m/min) in transportation zones. Since long distances can be spanned at high speeds and often less track are required for a conveyor system, making AEMS uniquely cost efficient. Ultra quiet AEM drive trolleys with urethane wheels combined with Webb’s patented track splicing methods help to substantially reduce conveyor noise levels.

AEM Track

AEM track is the element in an AEM system that makes up the path for the vehicles to follow. The AEM track supports the AEM trolley and is the mechanism that steers the AEM trolleys as they move. The track is also the element that supports the conductor rails which provide power or control signals to AEM carrier. Perhaps the most universally used style of track is that defined by European (German) VDI 3643 standard. The VDI 3643 standard specifies the outer envelope of track rail to be an ‘I’ configuration with specify height, width, and guiding surface location. And conductor rail placement. The conductors are attached to the web of the 'I'.

This track is produced in aluminium and is specified in two sizes.




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