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Wevin Private Limited
(Previously known as Webb India Private Limited)
An exclusive licensee of Jervis B Webb International Company

About Us Resources and Capabilities

Wevin Private Limited (Previously known as Webb India Private Limited) has developed a team of individuals who can take projects from rough undefined concepts to successfully running systems. When unusual applications warrant drawing from even deeper experience, Wevin routinely collaborates with its Technology Provider- Jervis B. Webb Company- with its 90+ year heritage of innovation and design excellence and - VinarSystems Pvt. Ltd. - with its 27 year background of manufacturing and installing equipment in the Indian industrial environment.

When a proposal is accepted by a customer and converted into a project, a Project Manager is assigned as the single individual to lead Wevin Private Limited team in completing the project. The Project Manager is responsible for formulating a detailed project execution plan and orchestrating the coordination of all entities involved in the project in order to ensure a successful completion. While it is often essential for the designers to communicate directly with entities outside of the Wevin Organization, the Project Manager is the central contact with the customer and major subcontractors. The Project Manager creates the project schedule and budget, as well as monitors the project progress and financial status. In summary, it is the role of the Project Manager to ensure that the contract is delivered on time, according to specification, and within budget.


Wevin has a well rounded staff of engineers experienced in system designs, component detail design and structural support steel design. In most cases, Wevin engineers design systems around components that have been pre-engineered, pre-tested, and issued as standard components by Jervis B. Webb Company. Our in-house engineering staff is fully capable of performing the necessary design and detail engineering.

A Wevin engineer's primary design and drafting tool is a network of PC workstations. These workstations are equipped with AutoCAD, computer graphics software as well as analytical engineering software routinely used to solve chain pull calculations, structural stress calculations and many other analytical problems that are part of material handling system and component design.

Wevin's electrical engineers perform all elements of control design, from writing the initial electrical specification to supervising the final system check out and debug. They engineer control panels needed for each application, identify the control signal requirements, and write the system PLC logic. Wevin's engineers test all control panels prior to dispatching the panels to the site. Wevin's electrical engineers have experience with a wide range of PLC platforms including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi and GE.

In October, 1996, Wevin took occupancy of its own manufacturing facility. The facility is fully equipped for the production of conveyor components. Chain will be assembled at this location. Straight track, turns, vertical curves, switches, drives, and take-ups will all be manufactured at this location.

Wevin has worked with a pool of Indian suppliers to provide castings, bearing, reducers, and other sub-components to Jervis B. Webb Company design and quality specifications.

While the skilled installation force for each project is procured through a qualified selection of installation subcontractors developed by Jervis B. Webb Company and Wevin, all installation efforts are monitored and directed by Wevin own permanent staff of site supervisors. In addition, our Project Manager takes an active role in the management of installation activities.

The technical tasks in system checkout and commissioning are directed by Wevin mechanical and electrical engineers at the site. The overall commissioning effort is supervised and organized by the Project Manager.

Wevin supports its running systems with a full range of services including:
  • Initial operation and maintenance training when requested by the customer
  • Troubleshooting and repair recommendations when necessary.
  • Spare parts supply and installation.
  • System modifications, expansions, or updates.